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Alyssa, nineteen. Queensland, Australia. A rambling passionate visual stream of my consciousness. || Everything is connected. Pay attention.
Haze 🌾
Posted 10.1.14
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Ah I&#8217;ve missed the beach so much   🌊 #idkwhatimdoing  (at Surfers Paradise Beach)
Posted 9.30.14
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Posted 9.30.14
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only in Canada would you find ads about homosexual rape on a bus.

Catch the fuck up America

They dont have this in America?

We don’t even have ads against heterosexual rape in America who are you kidding.
Posted 9.30.14
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Posted 9.29.14
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Posted 9.28.14
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In ancient Rome; men found guilty of rape had their testicles crushed between two stones.

Personally, I think they should start doing this again

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